Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New pattern: Granny square bunting

Here is little 9 month old Ola Johan modelling my newest pattern that I am calling Granny Square Bunting.  Isn't he a sweetheart?!

I am really proud of this pattern.  I think it turned out really cute.  I made a hat to match, too that is really warm and cuddly with a fleece lining sewn in.  It turned out to be too small for a 9 month old.  (the bunting pattern is a 6-9 month size) So I will be working the hat out in at least 2 sizes.  

Sorry about the shadowy pictures...  we were so busy taking pictures of the sweet baby that we forgot to take nice pictures of the bunting alone.  And I am blogging from a hotel in Oslo...  far far away from the bunting! Anyway...

This bunting also has a hole for a seatbelt worked into the pattern.  Here you can see how that works out.

...Perfectly :-)  And the cuffs on the arms flip over the ends of the sleeves to cover baby's hands.  

Here is a picture pre-assembly when I was picking out buttons.  :-)

It would look good with bigger buttons, too, I think.

So it is ready for testing.  I feel quite confident that this pattern is mistake-free.  I learned a lot from my first bunting pattern - which still has a couple things to work out.  It takes awhile to test with 3 sizes.  This one however I am only publishing in one size.  I think changing the squares would change it too much in other sizes.  So it will probably be published first.

The pattern uses sport weight yarn and an F hook... so it takes a week or two to work up.  I love the potential of it though.  It would be fun to try in other color palettes.  

I do think it would make a really cute sweater, too.  So stay tuned - there may be a sweater pattern coming soon.  I also really want to make a couple of matching baby blankets.  And maybe a toy......  SO MANY IDEAS!  

Oliver likes it.  He thinks it is for him.  I don't think he realizes he is almost 2!  

Too big!  Haha!

Thanks to Julie - Mom to Ola Johan for being my model!  And letting me cuddle this cutie pie! 

One more picture.  We have so many because he was so darn cute!

Yay!  Hope you all like it!  :-)