About Me


I love yarn.  Crocheting is my favorite craft but I also dabble in other things.  Sewing is a close second.  I have just started designing patterns which is super fun!!  I love that others can have joy from something I have created!

Optimistic by Nature is a description of my life.  I am an inspired and happy person with a great life and am surrounded by spectacular nature where I live in a small fishing village north of the arctic circle in Norway.

I have a beautiful family.  My husband, Øystein and I have one son, Oliver who is soon 2 years old.  We both work with culture.  I administrate the department of culture here and Øystein is a photographer and musician.  Oliver likes banging on things... we have high expectations.  ;-)

You can find me here:
www.facebook.com (optimisticbynature)

Feel free to contact me at katie.hanken(a)gmail.com

:-) Katie

Some of my peeps - Oliver, Øystein and my Mom :)