Thursday, June 2, 2011

Project Sweater

I finally finished a big project!  I am very proud of myself! Check it out!

I have been inspired to try out sweater patterns lately and this one is my big achievement.  It is made from Dale baby wool yarn and is inspired by a pattern by Bonnie Jacobs, Baby Hoodie - a free ravelry download.  I changed the pattern a bit to make it bigger and incorporate a zipper instead of making a pullover.  I think it turned out great.  Here are some process pics:

My "helper" Oliver.  :)

Checking for size.

Zippers are fun!

Stripes = lots of ends to weave in.  

It took me about a month to make.  Of course, I made other stuff too and waited a while for the zipper in the mail...  and I work.... and have a 1 year old...  :)  

Yea! Crocheting is fun. :)

I made another sweater, too.  It took 2 days to make.  The difference - thick yarn.  It is also pretty cute although the pattern is for thinner yarn and makes a newborn size.  So this was an experiment to see if just using huge yarn would work.  (drops eskimo) It did... but the neckline is huge....  I still like it.  I use it a lot when Oliver naps outside because it is chunky and warm.  :)

Here is the pattern link.  

And sweater number 3....  

I messed up and have to take apart!  Don't hold your breath! ;-)  

But the conclusion: sweaters are fun to crochet - for babies.  :-)


  1. Har du tid til å gå på kyllingaften når du har så mange hekleprosjekter på gang?? Du er flink, Katie.

  2. Hihi, ikke sant. Artig å hekle!! og gå på kyllingaften! ;-) Takk :)

  3. Katie, these are tremendous! Beautifully made! Thanks for sharing. Therese