Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photoshoot with Hedda

Our friend Kine visited yesterday with her adorable little daughter Hedda who is soon to be 3 months old.  Isn't she adorable!  Hedda came over to model and test my newest pattern that I am so excited to share with you! 

Hedda modeling the Bonnet Balaclava

Before I show you the new pattern, look how sweet Oliver's winter hat looks in a violet color in a baby size!

I know!  So cute!

and little!

Ok.  So here comes the new pattern!  I have some adjustmests to make before I publish it.  We discovered that the arms were longer than they needed to be on this size - or rather this makes a good bigger size if it were a little longer.  So as excited as I am to get it out there I want to make it perfect before publishing it.  

The cuffs on the arms pull over so that you can have the hands out or cover them up.

Bunting bag - front and back

I am planning to make a few different sizes including a toddler version with legs and make directions for a car seat option with a spot for the seatbelt in the baby bunting bag.

Yay! Although I still have some work to do on this it is so fun to finally share my progress!


  1. Wow, den var skikkelig fin! Kanskje man kan få bestille noe sånt senere? Ser for meg at en sånn med hull for bilbelte ville vært supert når nr 2 kommer i april!

  2. Takk! Ja, det kan sikkert bli en ordning med det :-)

  3. You do gorgeous work - such a cute model doesn't hurt either! :o)


  4. I like this! It could even be made into a shirt/sweater for an older child.

  5. Yes! I was thinking the same thing, Jacqueline and planning on working it out as a sweater for toddler's and childrens sizes. :-) I think it would be a cute sweater!

  6. Great knitting and lovely models too, they look so snug.

  7. Really love this bunting! Could use the pattern ASAP for a baby shower on January 28. Any chance it will be ready soon? sselora at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks! Sarah: you have mail :-)

  9. Denne kunne jeg godt tenkt meg med ben til min snart 1åring. Utrolig fin! Håper du lager mønster til det ;)

    1. Takk! Ja, jobber med saken faktisk! Blir ikke lenge til :-)

    2. Da gleder jeg meg :)