Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mitten fever in June!

Ok, so summer hasn't come to Bø yet.  The weather up here at 68 degrees North is very unpredictable and this year summer has decided to stay down south.  The midnight sun is giving us beautiful sunlight 24 hours a day and the leaves on the trees (as you can see in the picture) are just peeking out about a month late.

The grass is a little green, right?!  So... I am making mittens.  Lots of mittens.  And nice warm wooly hats.  

Here are the Cloud Mittens and hat.  I finally started playing around with a little bit of texture in my designs and this pattern uses a variation on a grit stitch.  

Here is the pattern that started it all.  I call it Ribbed Lopi Hat and Mittens.  I was expirementing with the construction of these mittens to actually make a different pair with different yarn.  But I loved the way these turned out so much that this became my first mitten pattern.  

What I am most satisfied with is that both pairs fit so well.  I really got this one right, I think.  So as it is with me and patterns, I am not quite done.  It usually goes in 3's.  (3 balaclava patterns, 3 bunting patterns, etc)  But this time it is going in 4's.  I have 2 more mitten patterns in the works and I think they are just as good.  :-)

I am also working them all out for childrens sizes.  So stay tuned for more mittens!!  Lots more mittens! 
While we are waiting on summer (or spring for that matter...) the seagulls have found their natural rhythm and are again making their nests in our yard.  Here is Oliver on a little 'egg'spedition in the yard.

And, thank you, I will be keeping an eye out for all that summer heat you will all be sending my way after reading this!!  Have a great summer everyone! 

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