Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday boy!

Oliver turned 1 year old in March and we had a party.  If fact we had two.  And for those parties, I made things.  :-)

I am not really sure what that decoration is called.  In England I guess they call it bunting?  Anyway the pattern is from a blog called Attic24.  A really awesome blog that is worth following for those of you who like colorful crochet.  Check it out: Attic24.

So colorful!

What can I say.  It is really fun making totally useless colorful things!  

It turned out cute!

The party was super fun with all of Oliver's favorite people gathered in the same place.  A really happy day.  He had so much fun! 

We ate, too.  I made that ridiculous looking cake in the background there.  (It tasted good.  At the moment I am really regretting not freezing the leftovers!)

He had never had a room of people sing to him before.  It was so sweet.

And his uncle made him laugh!

I made some silly crowns, too.  This one I adapted from a pattern by Jennifer Peters.  (search ravelry)  This picture is from the party we had with the girls.  I also made a crown for Oliver's little friend whose birthday we also celebrated.

It was crocheted onto a headband.  So cute!  

This pattern can also be found on ravelry.  A pattern by Cheryl Cambras.  

Oliver tested it for sizing.  :-)  

Celebrations are fun!

But good to take a nap afterwards, straw in hand!  


  1. What a wonderful mom, and crafty lady you are! You're fun, and...yes...optimistic! I love what you do, and am happy for you!! Therese

  2. I just found your lovely blog! Your tiara looks amazing, and what a fun celebration! Thanks for the mention!

  3. Cheryl! I just got around to checking out your website. You are awesome! Keep creating cool stuff! And thanks for the crown pattern. I really enjoyed making it!