Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome, Spring!

April, spring and Easter!  I have been working on some birdies.  This is my absolute favorite pattern of all time - the birdie rattle.  I made one for Oliver and he loves it.  

These birdies are Easter gifts for my 2 little nieces.  (the pink one and the purple one) The red one is Oliver's - the first one I made.  And the blue or the orange one (I can't decide which) go to Oliver's best buddy for his 1st birthday present.  

I bought the pattern on etsy.  Here is the link.  Isn't it the cutest pattern?  I used kinderegg containers and popcorn kernels to make the rattle part.  It makes a really good rattle.  Oliver shakes it around like crazy.  

I made another Easter gift for my other niece.  I think it also has to be one of the cutest patterns around.  An Easter bunny!  (or just bunny, but in this case - Easter bunny!)

I made this bunny a couple of months ago and it was really fun.  The pattern is a free download on ravelry by Rachel Borello Carroll.  Here are some close-up shots.

Happy Spring!  


  1. So cute, Katie!! The bunny (love the striped undies) looks so cute with the colorful birdies!

  2. Fantastisk, Katie! Så flink du er...

  3. jeg vet om en heldig niese:)!!

  4. Så søte og fine :-)Heidi F.

  5. Takk for så flotte tilbakemeldinger! :)