Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pixie Balaclava design

I made another balaclava pattern.  I'm on a roll!  Here it is:

This one is a lot easier to crochet than the first one and it is a bit different with it's little point and different collar.  The diagonal line was a little tricky to figure out.  I expiremented with a bunch of different turns from granny squares and landed on this one because of it's ease.  Mostly because I strive to make patterns that are easy.  I like a pattern that you can work out while watching tv or having a conversation.  I find it annoys people around me when I keep saying, "shhh, I'm counting!".

Here is the link to the pattern if you would like to give it a go:  buy here

The back.

The front.

Bribing Oliver with M&M's so that he will stand still!  :)  

Stay tuned for pattern #3, it is almost done!


  1. Finaste gutten! Du er flink, Katie!

  2. I love this hat! It is cute, and stylish for a little one! I want to make a shell-pink one for my newest granddaughter. :-)