Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mei tai summer

My mom and I like creating stuff together.  We live an ocean apart (Minnesota - Norway) but were able to spend a whole 5 weeks together last summer.  2010 was a really cool year in our family because my husbands brothers were also expecting babies.  3 perfect little cousins in 2010! We were first with our baby in March and I had discovered the wonder that is the Mei-tai.  Baby carrying is cool and after trying many types of carriers I found I liked the Mei-tai best.  A friend of mine here let me borrow hers that she had sewn and mom and I went to work making lots of them!  Thanks, Sissel for introducing me to baby carrying and letting us borrow and copy yours!  So all the little cousins and their parents got a matching mei-tai!  It was a really fun project!  Here are some pictures from the process!

Mom and Oliver (4 months) buying fabric at the fabric store.  (oh, how I miss the American fabric stores)

Mom working out the pattern in her brand new sewing room.

Oliver helping figure out what design to cut out of the fabric.  This fabric we bought at Ikea.  Tip:  Ikea sells great fabric for this type of project.  They have many cool prints in the right weight.

Nice sewing room, Mom!

Finished!  Man it looks warm there, doesn't it?  It was warm.  Hot, in fact.  Nice to look at these pictures in January!

Oliver was really sweet and cooperative.  He likes to be carried in the mei-tai.  We have used it alot.  He has been on many hikes here in Norway in that carrier.

Here is one example.  Oliver's first meeting with a cow.  (He slept through it)

Here he is awake on Øystein's back on another fall hike.

There they all are!  Now they are in their respective homes carrying their respective babies!


  1. Så artig å se bilder av prosessen! Jeg har jo sett to av dem i bruk her hjemme :) Imponerende arbeid, Sandra og Katie!

  2. Takk, Sølvi! Så hyggelig at du kommenterer her da!