Monday, January 17, 2011

Viking baby

Here is my little man in his viking helmet.  It is the second one I crocheted.  I'll post a picture of the other one another time.  The first one was in cotten and this one is in merino wool.  Merino wool was way better because of it's stretchiness and softness.

A true Norwegian!  I bought the pattern from this cool lady on etsy:  mamachee
I bought several of her patterns including the crocheted tree on my header.  Very cute stuff!  The booties in the picture are also hers.

They are great!  The stay on his feet.  A big plus for baby booties!

Viking babies also need to eat...

... and play!


  1. Velkommen inn i bloggernes verden =) Tihi nå ble jeg din første følger =)

    Så tøff hjelm =) Gleder meg til å se mer.

    Lilli =)

  2. I've just made 3 of these too, but haven't yet put the pic's on my blog!
    Your little guy is sooo cute!

  3. Oh my god!
    I searched so long for this beanie.
    My niece asked me to make one.
    Do you have the pattern you can send me?
    I would be very grateful.
    Thank you.