Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Saturday crochet day

Yesterday I made it to the yarn store and was able to buy the yarn I needed to finish some started projects and to start a few new ones.  It is fun to come home with a big bag of yarn!  The first thing on my crochet agenda was to finish this scarf.

I found the pattern here.  A blog called lilibeth's garden.  I used the same hook size that the pattern calls for and drops yarn "Merino extra fine".  I really like that yarn.  I used it for the viking hat and booties, too.  It is easy to crochet with and it is really soft.  This yarn is a bit thinner than what she used I think so I made mine longer.  (she had 34 rows, I made 41)

This scarf is crocheted with only 2 stitches.  The chain stitch and the double triple crochet stitch.  Easy and fun!

It turned out cute, I think!

Next I will crochet 2 viking hat orders!  (My first order.  Cool!) And my husband who plays in a ska band (think Jamaica) has ordered a north norwegian rasta hat.  So I have green, yellow and red yarn ready.  Stay tuned for that one!

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