Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sparkler Wand!

Get ready for the New Year's celebration with the Sparkler wand!  

I was inspired by the Christmas garland and wanted to make something fun :-)  This pattern is super easy and fun to make.  You can use any yarn you have laying around.  I made a couple different sizes.

This is so fast to work up.  A worsted weight yarn works great.  I used pipe cleaners to "stuff" it - so it is stiff and flexible.  :-)  This is a fun project to work up for the photo contest!  I am looking forward to seeing my little guy playing with this on New Year's as an "inside the house - toddler safe - sparkler"!!  

You can download this pattern instantly from the link on my pattern page.  It is in my ravelry store.  (will get it in etsy soon, too)  The pattern costs $2.50.

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