Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter inspiration

Winter has come to northern Norway.  There is snow on the ground and I am finding inspiration in all things arctic.  Like this amazing rocker from Maclaren.  

I told Oliver it was too late to be adding things to his Christmas list.... Ok, it is on my Christmas list.  I can't figure out where to buy one in Europe.  If anyone knows shout out.  I want one!  It is called Maclaren Netto Roker Polar Bear.  I think it would look nice next to our piano.

Øystein brought this picture home today.  He had it printed on canvas.  It is the last photograph taken of Litløy Lighthouse before they took the light out and put up a LED one instead.  This island can be seen from our house but you have to take a boat out to it - really amazing scenery.

Speaking of lights here is our advent star.  My favorite picture from 2010.  Oliver's first Christmas.  :)

Wishing you all a wonderful winter!

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